On lovelife and dating

July 16, 2018

I never really openly talk about my lovelife or any dating relationship in general due to the fact that I do not usually go out on a date (plus the fact that I am single, so yeah, you probably get the point. Haha). The common advise that I get is to expand my network and try to go out more to meet new people who I may want to include in my circle of friends. I do not have anything against that idea, but there are times that I need to devote my time on my errands and other important things (such as school and blogging) rather than go out. The next best advise that I got is to sign up to dating sites or dating apps, such as We Love Dates,  that can help me find a perfect match for me, and I must say, this idea is worth a try. I may sign up one day, and I will tell you if there is progress in my dating circle. There is no harm in trying your luck to find your significant other through dating sites or dating apps, just make sure you will be very careful in picking the people you choose to meet and make sure you already have a good set of ideas for your date, so that you will know where to go and what to do on that day. I also found out after a little research that some dating sites (like We Love Dates) could provide its readers with some very cool and useful suggestions for activities that you can try with your date. Not bad for a dating site, right?

To add, we can also use dating sites and dating apps as a good venue to meet new friends. Who says dating apps/dating sites are limited only to finding a date? The possibilities are endless! Probably, you can use these sites/apps to widen your network and to meet new people that may help you in life, not as a date or a significant other, but as a really good friend. To be frank, I was skeptical to try these kind websites/apps at first, but with a little research and extra caution, any one can sign up with these kind of sites/apps unhinged by any fear of any breach of their privacy, considering the fact that most, if not, all of these apps or websites have a very advanced security when it comes to the data that they will collect from you, isn't that awesome?! Haha.

Nobody actually knows what is in store for anyone of us, and maybe one day I will have the courage to sign up for dating apps or dating sites. But for now, I will wait for my "Prince Charming" to come and find me, but not until I run out of patience. Haha.

How about you? What was the best dating advice that was given to you? Were you able to use it? Why or why not? Share away!! :)

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