At the wrong place.

May 19, 2013

I admitted to myself that I have nothing to blog, but it took me awhile to actually realize that I was looking for an inspiration at the wrong places. I kept on reading and/or visiting travel blogs, fashion blogs, and review blogs to get some pieces of information for my next blogpost, but I failed. But then again, I forgot where I am actually good at, which is writing straight from my heart.

I kept on reading novels and watching movies, thinking that I could get inspiration therefrom. I kept on searching for my right inspiration. It turns out that I was actually looking at the wrong place. I have been looking at "the other side of blogging", I actually forgot the real importance of it, self-expression.

I have nothing against blogging about movie/product/book reviews, I actually think it is cool! And, I have nothing against the other types of blogs, I actually learned from them. This is just me being me, you know, thinking out loud. Maybe this time I will change my approach to my blogging habits. Maybe this time, I will not stress myself to find for an inspiration. Maybe, just maybe, I will do myself a favor and start writing about the things that I actually feel. And maybe, this time, I will let my heart speak.

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