There is more than what we can see.

April 14, 2013

In every person's action, there is a good and a bad effect. Sometimes, the bad effect outweighs the good effect, or vice versa. Honestly, I admit that I am sometimes caught in the middle as to whether or not I should trust a certain person's actions. I don't want to be too trusting, but I don't to be too gullible. Now, how do I know if I will trust a certain person? Easy. But knowing what is the intention of the person in committing such action. How? Through thorough observation and investigation. Sometimes, you have to be your own guardian angel, to save your self from unwanted heartaches and/or irreversible heartbreaks.

But then, it is better said than done. The only tip that I can share to you is to know the person well. Make sure that you connect all the possible information before judging a person's actions. The only thing that I can assure to you is, no matter how hard a person will try to hide his/her intention, it will still spring out to the surface, it will still be obvious and visible. It may not be very clear, and the indications thereof might be misleading, but still, the truth will always come out, hence, a person's intention will still be very observable, even if he hides it from you.

In application, the effect of a person's actions may have a bad effect or connotation, that will produce a very unlikeable notion. I personally call it "The Robin Hood Influence". You know, when Robin Hood steals from the rich to help the poor. I would like to deduce the fact that the intention of Robin Hood is to help, which is good and positive. But, his actions, which is stealing, and the effect therefrom are bad and negative.

As much as I don't want to get mad or burn bridges, I normally tend to judge a person through his actions, rather than his intent. Crazy it may sound, but I want to be judged based on my intention, and not through my action. I know this is quite ironic, but, I try to convince the people around me that there is always more than what our eyes can perceive. In connection, I am trying to convince my self to appreciate a the intent more, and less on the actions.

So how about you? Do you rely more on your "spur-of-the-moment judgements"? Or do you think more than twice before you judge a certain person? Share your thoughts! :)

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