Road Block.

January 23, 2013

Because failure is just a mistake away from each and every person's life, this brought me to the realization that success and failure co-exists, therefore they are co-equal. Why? It is undeniable that success is fun, uplifting, and positive. On the other hand, there is a notion that failure is sad, degrading, and negative. Maybe that's true, because we yearn for success and we never welcomed failure as if it never existed. But the reality is that, failure is inherent in our lives.

Failures shatter our dreams and break our hearts, while success gives us this "close-to-heaven" feeling that we always want to feel. What we forget about the concept of failure is that, failures are meant to happen for us to learn. Same effect goes with success. Success is present for us to learn. Whatever is the end-result of each and every circumstance in our lives, we must learn from. The knowledge that we acquire will make us stronger and better.

Few months back, I've experience a certain kind of failure that I never expected to happen to me. There is some sort of cognitive dissonance and extreme denial on my part during the time that I'm recuperating from my loss. I never expected that to happen. I never wanted that to happen. But then, it happened. I failed. I lost. And I feel really pressured and stupid.

Few weeks after, I was able to see the different side of the story. I had mistakes before that made me experience this kind of failure. It was all on me. Now, I'm starting anew. I have a different perspective of failure. Bad things happen to those who don't believe in their abilities, but tragic things happen to those who don't use their abilities properly. I was not able to use my abilities properly. End result? I failed. It hurts so bad because I was never ready for it. I never entertained the idea or concept of failing. To me, I am a winner. But then, I guess fate wants me to know that I'm not a winner, but I am a survivor. Being a winner sounds good, but being a survivor sounds even better.

I was pushed to my limits, I fell, I bounced back, I stood up and continued the fight. That failure was just a mere road block for me. Again, "Failure is not fatal" unless you let it hit you very hard.

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  1. i 100% agree on what you said on this post. once you failed once don't give up instead try and try until you succeed.



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