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Party the night away

by - August 06, 2018

Hey! I am back! I was supposed to have a food crawl with my cousin today, but then she has to do something else (more important than our planned food crawl, so I decided to blog about how I have been lately.
So few days ago, two of my most favorite bands went to our area, and I just cannot afford to miss out the opportunity to watch them! Hence, I ended up partying the night away last weekend. It was so fun, although I have to be on my own last Saturday night, since no one is available to accompany me that night. Fortunately, my cousin is available to be with me last Sunday night. The concert, or should I call it “gig”, was so fun and the audience was so lit that night! I went home with a smile on my face and fun memories on my mind! I will definitely do it again, if ever I have a chance to do so.Maybe if one day I will be dating again, I would want to take my significant other in this kind of events, that is my version of adult dating (and not some kind of sex dating that will make sign up for sex dating sites), or maybe dating in general. I would love to enjoy music and share it with my significant other.

As for school, I am on my same old routine of studying the day away until I finish every freaking shiznits that I need to finish so that I can survive one full day on school.

As for my job hunting stint, I am about to go to another potential employer tomorrow for an interview and probably an exam. I am not really sure what I will be doing tomorrow. To be honest, I am in the high hopes that I will get accepted in that company. The workplace is just thirty minutes away from my house and about 10 to 15 minutes away from my school. I can definitely go to straight to school after work. Unlike the other potential employer that I applied to, this company is situated in the same city with my school. The other employer (that I think I already mentioned in my previous post) that I applied to is really far from my house, I need to spend two or three hours on the road just to get to the workplace on time. Imagine what I could do in that two or three hours that I spend traveling to work (and another two or three hours to go home or go back to school). But then, I have been reading a lot of good reviews in this employer and how good they have been treating their employees. I just hope that whoever employer I choose will give me a great work experience and help me develop and discover my talents even more.

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