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July 24, 2018

So I have been binge eating and totally hooked on online games lately, when I suddenly got a call from an employer that I sent my CV few weeks ago. Turns out, they want to consider hiring me, but the thing is that their workplace too far from our house and I need to allot 2 hours to travel to and from the workplace. So, I still don't know. Haha. But I will still take their hiring exam for applicants. Maybe this stint is worth a shot.

On another news, the first term for school just started and I am somewhat excited because this will be my last year! I will finally graduate! Yehey! Haha. (I am hoping that nothing unfortunate will happen so that I can finally wear my academic regalia and try to look cute in it. Haha. A girl can try, right?) I might busy again for the next few months, and I might not post so much in this blog or in my other blogs, but I will always be in Twitter ( and Facebook. I do not normally post anything sensible on my microblogging/social media accounts, but I am more active there. Haha.

I have been thinking of setting up for a photoblog anytime soon, I think I will use this blog as my photoblog. The only thing that is holding me back is my lack (or maybe absence) of experience in photography. But I really want to take good photos that has loads of stories in it. Maybe I will set up a Tumblr account and use that as my photoblog (or an online photodump just like what I did on my old flickr account).

On a more personal note, I remember some people close to me asking me if I am seeing anyone lately because of my previous blog post, or am I sending signals here and there that I want to go out with someone I have been eyeing on for a while. My answer is a big fat "NO". Haha. Allow me to remind you that I have been focused on something else lately, and maybe I will get back on the dating scene once I am already done reaching my goals, even if it takes me to signing up on several senior dating sites. Haha. There is nothing wrong with over 50s dating, am I right? Haha. Let's just put it this way, I am a work in progress (despite my age) and I need to focus on building my character and building myself, so that maybe one day, if I will find myself in love again, I will be in love with another person for all the right reason (or maybe for no reason at all). I just want to make sure that I am strong already and I can manage almost everything that I have in my life. I am just hoping that when that time comes, I am ready for all the happiness that I will feel and for the sacrifices that I might need to make. I can give you a litany of reasons, but it only boils down to the idea that I have been focus on my school and career lately, I forgot dating or being in a romantic relationship already. Haha. Oh and by the way, why the rush? right? Haha.

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