To my younger self

January 05, 2018

Year 2017 just ended, and I found myself writing a blog post for my younger self.

Months ago, I found myself apologizing to my younger self because I was not able to achieve the things that I planned to achieve when I was young and naive. Now, I am writing to my younger self....

To the younger Jen,

You came out stronger than what you can possibly imagine, and you became better as days pass by. Do not forget that you've been stronger from the very beginning, and you're still growing stronger as you try to improve yourself day by day.

You are now in a very nice home, free from troubles and threat of being anxious again. You're healthy, but you're currently struggling in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You're more disciplined and more independent. Also, I am proud to say that you now know how to groom yourself. You can dress properly, and fashionably, if I may add, and you can put make-up on your face like a pro (haha). You are now the lady that you want to be.

On the other hand, you grew numb and detached. You somewhat lost your attachment to a lot of people ever since the pain of abandonment and betrayal started to kick in. It took the best out of you, but I am proud to say that you don't let other people see it in you. You struggle in silence, but you grew stronger than ever. You were able to survive every piece of shit that were threw on you. You did not give up, even if there were those days that you wanted to give up so bad.

As the year 2017 ended, I promised to my self that I will use this year to improve, so that at the end of this year, I can write again to you, my younger self, and tell you that I grew better than last year. 2018 is a very promising year, and this is the year that I will reach the dream that I've had since I was in 3rd grade. 2018 is the year of my personal growth.

Jen of 2018

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