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Final Cut Pro X Level One Apple Certification Exam

by - December 17, 2013

The Level One exam for Final Cut Pro X from Apple (9L0-810 – Level One) is a skill and knowledge validation test designed specifically with intermediate level individuals in mind. Some years of experience in editing and in working with Apple and similar products is recommended for success on the 9L0-810 exam. Also recommended is focused training and adequate preparation, including the use of Apple learning tools and tutorials and practice tests offered by providers such as ExamTrace (click here), which is an online professional certification exam preparation package and solution provider.


To register for and take the 9L0-810 exam, you must first complete the associated training course with an Apple training center. The exam is only conducted at the completion of the course, and is commonly completed at the same testing center at which you took your class; however, even training centers that don’t offer all classes do provide testing candidates the ability to register for and taking any Apple certification exam, including the 9L0-810.


The 9L0-810 requires you have some years of experience in the field, working as an editor, director, assistant, or in a similar capacity. It also requires you possess a strong understanding of industry terminology, editing procedures, and Mac OS and software, in addition to intermediate level skills with the Final Cut Pro X platform.


You’ll have an hour and a half to complete the 9L0-810 exam, and the test features about 59 questions in five primary focus areas. Exam questions also appear in multiple formats, with the testing software Apple uses randomly selecting from a series of topic specific, multiple choice, interactive, and fill in the blank questions.


To take any Level One pro exam, including the 9L0-810, you must complete an Apple training course in the subject matter. The course and the exam can both be completed at the same Apple training center.

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