Going back.

November 10, 2013

So, school starts again tomorrow. Actually, I never wctually felt that we had a semestral break, it is more like a long weekend. Our school break is just enough to give us a breather from our usual day-to-day chaos. So, yeah, tomorrow will be the start of another battle for me. Am I prepared? Yes. I am almost always prepared for anything. But, do I really want this semester to start tomorrow? No. I think I need one more week (or two) as an extension. (But, that's not possible).

I only had two good weeks as a vacation. (I know I should be thankful for this, but a little extension won't hurt, right? Haha). Moving on, within that two weeks, I did all the things that I never had a chance to do during our school days. Well, actually, I just slept and read a novel. Haha. Oh, I also watched few movies and went out to have a "Me Day". Hahaha. :)

And, at the blink of an eye, my vacation is about to end. Geez, time flies so fast. 

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