Too much.

June 17, 2013

Honestly, keeping and maintaining 4 blogs is not an easy task. I really love blogging, but I need to give up one of my domains. Why? For the reason that I'm running out of funds. I can't renew all of my four domains anymore. I just need to give up one of it. Or, maybe, sell it. Hence, don't be surprised if you won't be seeing this blog again, or this domain will be managed by another person. I just can't manage all of my four blogs, plus my academics, plus my extra curricular activities, plus my family/social life (if I have one!) haha!

I think my heart will break if I will leave the blogging world. I actually think that blogging is part of my life. I love self-expression and social networking in general. That's why I'm like this.

No matter how hard I try to managed my time, I really need to give up something. I am actually on the verge of giving up blogging. Maybe if one day I can find a good and legitimate way of earning funds for my domains, I'll continue to blog. Or maybe, I'll still blog using Blogspot and/or Tumblr. It cannot be that bad, right?

Maybe one day I'll say goodbye to all of my domains. :( I'm hope not. 

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  1. You can always blog through a subdomain! I hope you're able to keep your domains. :)


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